people and culture

Our company's mission shapes the people that SOURCE seeks to hire and maintain.  Our desire to be our customer's trusted communications business partner effects the skills of our employees, their continued growth and their enthusiasm for their work.

We prioritize recruiting and retaining the best people for our company from diverse backgrounds.  This variety of people helps to create the collaborative environment that is key to SOURCE's continued success for over 45 years.

We have multiple offices and locations throughout the United States, though our main facilities are based out of Dallas, TX and St. Louis, MO.

SOURCE employees are our best champions! Listen to what our employees have to say about their contributions and the heartfelt passion for their work.

I’m an integral part of a team who consult with customers to seek out current communications “pain-points.” Helping to solve problems is a rewarding job! I serve as the technical liaison between sales professionals and their customers, to effectively create highly effective communications solutions. Having a broad knowledge of the features, functions, and benefits of the Avaya product line and ancillary 3rd party applications affords me to the opportunity to play a vital role in the proposed solutions.
Jon Design Engineer
I have been with SOURCE for over 22 years as Lead Tech Repair. SOURCE has continued to be a great place to work because each of employee voice/opinion is always valued, hard work does not go unnoticed, and there is always an opportunity to grow. As we continue to grow as a company, we stay true to our core values and beliefs; doing business the right way with our customers, with integrity.
Yvonne Production & Repair
I feel fortunate to be part of the Implementation team at SOURCE, Inc. As technology in telecommunications changes by the year SOURCE counteracts by providing its employees with sound up to date training as well as a fantastic group of co-workers to work alongside whose knowledge is above all. Probably sounds crazy for some but I look forward to my Mondays.
Michael Implementation
At SOURCE, Project Management is never a daily routine of monotonous, unchallenging tasks. Being a Project Manager at SOURCE is like being on an exciting roller coaster ride. There are numerous unexpected turns and twists and ups and downs, but at the end of the ride, the exuberance and exhilaration of having hopped in the cart and completing the challenge is incomparable!
Gaye Project Manager
The people I work with are like a family and it is a friendly work atmosphere. The leadership team is respectful of employees, our skills and does not like to micromanage. As part of the Help Desk team, I'm a visible day-to-day contact with our customers when they need help.
Phuong Help Desk/Dispatch
In the Marketing department, I really enjoy building up campaigns and marketing materials to drive awareness of processes that provide technological convenience to businesses and their customers. Many people aren’t aware how integrated consumer technology has become with business technology, so seeing a business discover and benefit from our solutions is really gratifying.
Aaron Marketing