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The financial impact of the price of oil affects your line of business tremendously.  Your company must strategically plan to make cuts, reductions and changes carefully.

SOURCE can assist in planning out your technology roadmap and help make those strategic changes to keep your technology implements relevant no matter the economic outlook.

Key expertise areas where SOURCE can assist customers in the energy field are:

Several energy solutions that SOURCE has the ability to assist with are:

  • Enabling workers in remote locations
  • Workforce optimization in your contact centers
  • Presence and Unified messaging with Microsoft Lync
  • Special project implementations
  • Emergency SMS notifications

SOURCE has made a difference for other energy companies in the marketplace by helping them upgrade their voice platforms, consolidate and virtualize applications, offering call recording and robust monitoring tools.

Allow us to help simplify and streamline your unified communications environment in an effort to keep production levels steady, ensure stronger safety measures and manage your voice and data more effectively.

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