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Money is top of mind and customer retention is the key to success for the finance industry.  It is critical to continually improve customer experience, while remaining compliant with the rise of new regulations. Optimizing the contact center to increase productivity, provide a personalized experience, historical data, and real time analytics will not only increase customer satisfaction but also retention. Due to regulations, the financial industry must protect itself to stay compliant and we can assist with those requirements.

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Insure regulation compliance

We offer products to address the strict regulations for proactive and outbound contact centers to help financial industries stay compliant.  In the financial industry, collections and how the contact center reaches out to customers can be critical to the success.  We can help facilitate better customer reach with analytics and software that can predictively direct calls based on specific requirements. 

Improve customer experience

We can assist your agents by improving performance & customer satisfaction, and increasing productivity with each interaction by providing historical context, real-time analytics, and cross-selling opportunities.  Key areas of expertise:

  • Workforce Optimization for Performance Management and Real-Time Solutions.
  • Recording calls for PCI Compliance and regulation
  • Proactive contact for billing and collections
  • Quality Monitoring to improve customer relations

Operational efficiencies and network security

As a provider of Network LAN/WAN and WLAN technologies SOURCE can help financial institutions implement the latest in innovative network technologies which improve QoS and provide for secure encryption

  • Secure WLAN products with greater throughput for BYOD environments
  • Refresh network elements to reduce operating costs & simplify management
  • Inventory management and logistics to reduce operational costs

Field support for your multi-location enterprise

SOURCE supports many multi-location customers with local onsite support as well as centralized warehousing services

  • Rack n’ stack installation and break fix services for virtually any location in the US
  • Centralized inventory logistics services including warehousing, reporting and forward and reverse logistics
  • Testing, repair and refurbishment services
  • Decommission and excess equipment resale services

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