As an Avaya Platinum partner, we work with Avaya to clean up customer records and make sure that you are not paying for coverage on items that are no longer in service.  We also make sure that customers have the proper coverage on any new platforms you may have added to your network.  

Our team has found that the older the Avaya agreement, the more likely these important details are out of sync.  A lot of detailed work on our behalf is necessary, but the end result is that our enterprise customers, like you, realize substantial savings.  We offer to help make sure records are up to date and billing issues are minimized at no cost to our customers.

With over 15 years of experience in providing Avaya Maintenance Services to our customers, we have first-hand experience, knowledge and understanding of the intricate details of Avaya's maintenance offerings.  Our services department staff is expertly skilled at understanding Avaya's legacy and newer service programs and we maintain a great relationship with their Customer Care Center.

There is no risk and zero-cost to get started with your Tune-Up today!

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