Today’s VoIP E911 Systems

In an emergency, it is imperative that a response team knows precisely where a 911 call originates. That sounds simple enough, but many organizations today are using voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) phone systems that provide only the main billing phone number to the 911 answering point (police, fire, or ambulance service) and not the IP end point of the person who is calling and in distress.

State Legislation and Potential Fines

State mandated legislation is in place in many states that require large facilities, such as office buildings, healthcare institutions, colleges and universities to provide safety solutions, such as E911, for their employees or students - if found in violation, the business or college campus may be vulnerable to significant fines.

How SOURCE Can Help

SOURCE can help you evaluate your current VoIP solution, plan for future installations, and interpret your states’ E911 regulation for compliance and avoid possible penalties.

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