If your business is still running a TDM network, you likely know the difficulties and expenses involved in maintaining your network.  These issues could include network congestion or cost of maintaining the physical hardware required.

Another complication is that communications no longer exist purely over a telephone and your business could be looking at lost revenue to do business or connect with customers with SMS or social media in a time-efficient manner.

Shift your CAPEX over to OPEX by considering the change to VoIP or SIP.  VoIP and SIP technology offer a future-ready set of solutions to help evolve your business beyond the telephone. 

Benefits of VOIP

As the technology has matured, VoIP continues to offer communication technology to better your traditional TDM-based business.  VoIP is able to run voice calls over IP networks for less money by eliminating a lot of the overhead in physical hardware, labor, maintenance and licensing costs through virtualization and consolidation.

VoIP has:

  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance
  • Easy line add-ons
  • Unified network with a single sign on to one identity or multiple identities to move quickly among your different modes.
  • A variety of call features that are supported (call forwarding, caller ID, etc.)
  • The ability to integrate with older technology
  • Easily integrates with other business applications

Benefits of SIP

SIP Trunking is an excellent way for businesses to migrate away from PSTN systems and reap the benefits of a successful VoIP system. Voice, data, instant messaging, presence, and application sharing work together, providing you and your customers with the most efficient unified communication application for your business.

SIP Trunking offers:

  • Rapid ROI when your costs are reduced
  • Reduce your need for multi-vendor dependent solutions
  • Broadband availability which gets you more call volume over modern broadband circuits
  • Superior application/network performance
  • Mobility that ties together remote workers and connect remote offices to collaborate with each other
  • Scalability which allows you and your customers to only pay for what is needed
  • Excellent reliability. SIP Trunking eliminates the circuit outages by rerouting circuits to other locations

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