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Wholesale Simplified

Whether you are a brand or store, we make it simple to buy and sell wholesale

Reach More Stores

We help brands get noticed and stocked by tens of thousands of retail stores

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Stores can discover hot new brands, checkout online, and get net 30 terms*

Stores get terms, brands get paid instantly.

Net 30 payment terms offered to qualified buyers*

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We only work with the best

Consumers want to be confident they are buying safe, effective, and high quality products. With Source, stores can confidently purchase CBD wholesale because we only work with a highly selective group of proven, tested brands.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Source?

Source partners with established and up-and-coming brands, enabling them to sell wholesale directly to tens of thousands of retailers in our network. Inventory purchased on Source is sold and shipped directly from the brand or manufacturer.

How can I sell my products on Source?

Apply to work with us here. Once we approve your application, we will work with you to upload your product category to our platform where tens of thousands of retailers will be able to place orders with you.

Can I change pricing based on quantity?

Yes, you can enable volume discounts to provide discounted pricing as order quantity increases.

Can I offer samples to buyers?

Yes, you can offer both paid and free samples to prospective buyers from your product pages.

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